FTX Pay: what is it and which cryptos are supported?

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FTX Pay is a carrier supplied by the FTX Crypto Derivatives Replace intended to enable customers to receive funds through cryptocurrencies, fiat, or both.

It’s some distance a handy chance for a retailer or app owner to simply catch charge from potentialities through their desired charge implies that is backed by the FTX heed.

Earlier than we receive into the principle points of FTX Pay, there are some things we want to receive out of the methodology first:

  • FTX has made an salubrious announcement that they are transferring FTX Pay exclusively to the FTX US platform instead. 

  • Within the within the meantime, somebody can soundless utilize FTX Pay applications that exist on FTX Global. On the opposite hand, they won’t be in a location to create unique applications with out the utilize of the FTX US platform instead.

  • This text does no longer offer any funding advice, and it’s supreme right here for informational functions.

Let’s dive into exactly how FTX Pay works.

Integrating FTX Pay as a Vendor

There are two main ways whereby FTX Pay would possibly perchance moreover moreover be built-in within a venture:

  • CREATE AN APP – this would possibly perchance let distributors receive funds from somebody with an FTX Sage. Be conscious that the sub-fable the app is made from is the put the funds will more than possible be acquired. 

  • SET UP PAYMENTS – that is a means the put a dealer can space the associated charge chance to enable somebody to pay by the usage of external wallets, that can moreover simply be handy for DeFi projects.

By the SET UP PAYMENTS means, in uncover for a dealer to integrate FTX Pay within their web living, they want to form just a few decisions within the catch-primarily primarily based fully FTX US app.

Vendors can either take care of a custom amount or let the person make a choice the amount of the associated charge. They’ll moreover let the person make a choice which forex the dealer can receive.

There are two main fields right here that distributors maintain the liberty of choosing, and these embody:

  • The Forex

  • The Wallet Kind

Additionally, they’ll enable the person to proceed a tip within the event that they are seeking to.

The supported cryptocurrencies on FTX Pay for the time being embody:



  • Paxos Long-established USDP/USD

  • Binance USD BUSD/USD


  • Bitcoin BTC/USD

  • USD Tether USDT/USD

  • Ethereum ETH/USD

  • Bitcoin Money BCH/USD

  • Litecoin LTC/USD


  • Compound USDT CUSDT/USD

  • Solana SOL/USD

  • Wrapped USD Coin WUSDC/USD

  • ChainLink Token LINK/USD

  • Yearn.Finance YFI/USD

  • Sushi SUSHI/USD

  • Uniswap Protocol Token UNI/USD

  • Traditional Attention Token BAT/USD

  • Wrapped BTC WBTC/USD

  • Dogecoin DOGE/USD

  • Brazilian Digital Token BRZ/USD


  • Graph Token GRT/USD

  • Dai DAI/USD

  • Maker MKR/USD

  • Aave AAVE/USD

  • Matic MATIC/USD

  • Paxos Long-established PAX/USD

  • Shiba Inu SHIB/USD

The Wallet Kinds Integrated are:


  • BCH

  • BCHA

  • BEP2

  • BSC

  • BTC

  • DOGE

  • ERC20

  • ETH

  • HECO

  • LTC


  • SOL

  • TRX

After every of these decisions has been made by the dealer, they’ll receive a reproduction of an HTML code which they’ll reproduction and then paste within their web living’s offer.

Making a charge as a individual of FTX Pay

Let’s create a case scenario the put you are the owner of an e-commerce web living and purpose to promote a product or a carrier that charges $10. Here’s what would actually occur from the angle of the purchaser.

  • Step 1: FTX Pay as a carrier will give one and all a button that can moreover moreover be embedded directly on their web living and can enlighten “Pay with FTX.”

  • Step 2: The person of the catch living would then be in a location to click on the button, after which they’ll be redirected to create an fable, assuming they pause no longer already maintain one. If a individual has one, they’ll simply login instead. Signal in with FTX.com right here.

  • Step 3: If the person in inquire of does no longer but maintain any funds, they’ll be introduced on to on the foundation ship $10, and if that is their first time the utilize of FTX, they’ll moreover want to submit further knowledge about themselves. In other words, they’ll be introduced on to enlighten their identification by providing KYC paperwork and deposit funds earlier than they’ll ship a charge.

  • Step 4: At some level of the following step, the person is given the chance to pay by a credit rating card, ACH, or other alternatives, or with cryptocurrencies directly by clicking on “add funds.” 

  • Step 5: When a individual selects the cryptocurrency they’d snatch to deposit and utilize for the associated charge route of, they’ll be given a crypto deposit address, which they’ll either reproduction or scan by the usage of a QR code. 

  • Step 6: The person can then take care of the coin which is supported by the blockchain community chosen from the dealer they’re shopping for from and enter the amount of crypto they’re seeking to utilize. On this case, we’re going to receive a blueprint to be the utilize of USD Coin USDC/USD on the Solana blockchain and enter a amount of 3.

  • Step 7: As soon as the person has efficiently made a deposit, they’ll click on “Ship” to halt the system.

FTX Pay Partnerships

To form FTX Pay maintain such a bunch of alternatives and ease of utilize, FTX has partnered up with a pair of companies in uncover to integrate as many alternatives as possible.

Their main companions for the time being embody:

  • Sonar

  • Metaplex

  • Moondrops

  • Phantom

  • Sollet.io

  • TSM.GG

Closing Solutions

FTX Pay offers a important opportunity for distributors to primarily open accepting cryptocurrency tokens as a charge means on their web sites, apps, and stores. On the identical time, it offers FTX US switch customers the chance to employ the cryptocurrency tokens within their cryptocurrency wallets. 

This marks a major step in direction of making cryptocurrency charge alternatives a lot extra streamlined.

The overall route of of adding crypto funds as an chance with FTX Pay is as streamlined as possible and permits a high stage of customization by letting distributors take care of a custom title as effectively as the heed.