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Dividend stocks are a number of of basically the most neatly-preferred investing strategies for Canadian traders. Folks adore these stocks, because your money goes to work for you, and, over time, reinvested dividends can compound into large gains.

The TSX is dwelling to many excessive-quality dividend stocks all over Canada’s high sectors reminiscent of utilities, energy, telecom, and banking. This affords Canadian traders a broad diversity of stocks to seize from when constructing their dividend-generating portfolios.

Nonetheless, it’s main for these traders on the hunt for juicy yields to be cautious of capacity yield traps. Most regularly, stocks provide excessive yields that look for gorgeous in the beginning, nonetheless they lack the financial energy to shield these dividends.

This capacity that, these stocks typically cut dividends and leave traders worse off than in the occasion that they’d right stuck to more confirmed stocks. As of late, we’ll look for at two TSX blue-chip stars that provide legit dividends to Canadian traders.


Telus (TSX:T)(NYSE:TU) is a big Canadian telecom stock with a repute as one of the most tip dividend stocks on the TSX. This blue-chip behemoth affords traders a edifying blend of development and balance, in a roundabout diagram leading to solid returns over time.

Telus affords a broad differ of products and services and products in the telecom set up of abode and former. This diversification is what lets in it to present traders that blend of share label development and dividend security.

Beyond its rock-solid positioning in the Canadian telecom set up of abode, it moreover has ventures reminiscent of Telus Neatly being. This digital healthcare carrier is on the cutting fringe of its industrial, and this increasing sector on the total is a key element for the stock’s development keen forward.

As of this writing, Telus is procuring and selling at $32.25 and yielding 4.06%. As we’ve lined, there are dividend stocks available paying better dividends. Nonetheless, these stocks obtained’t provide the soundness and reliability that Telus does.

4.06% is on the total nothing to sneeze at both. Over time, that dividend may per chance add as much as a number of excessive gains for traders.


Fortis (TSX:FTS)(NYSE:FTS) is an true utility-carrier provider primarily based completely mostly in Canada. It’s prolonged been thought to be one of the most safest dividend stocks for Canadian traders.

The reasoning for this repute is barely straightforward, as FTS affords its utility services and products largely via regulated contractors.

As such, its revenue sources are extremely web and predictable. Ask is nearly fixed due to the character of its industrial.

For that reason we’ve seen FTS show a bulletproof be aware story for paying its dividends to traders. Canadians taking a gaze for web dividend stocks must indisputably be attracted to FTS.

As of this writing, FTS is procuring and selling at $58.31 and yielding 3.67%. All over again, that’s indisputably now not basically the most mouthwatering yield around, nonetheless it’s exact solid brooding about it’s linked to FTS.

Investors taking a gaze for a stock that’s resilient to most market forces and has a solid yield must check out FTS.

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Every Telus and FTS may per chance just be key cogs in a dividend stocks portfolio for Canadian traders. They both provide irregular advantages and may per chance present immense total returns for traders over time.